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Aoraqi’s mission is to make legal documents and their translation accessible worldwide. That said, we encourage legal experts, lawyers and legal translators to share their owned documents. We are happy to display and offer these documents for example, but not limited:

  1. Constitutions and their translation into any language;
  2. Legislation  and their translation into any language;
  3. Laws and their translation into any language;
  4. Regulations and their translation into any language;
  5. Decrees and their translation into any language;
  6. Formal forms and their translation into any language;
  7. Agreements forms in any language;
  8. Improvement to any of translations.

Steps to publish:

  1. Create a store on;
  2. Submit your original documents you want to publish;
  3. In case of submitting a translation, it shall be accompanied with the original material (except agreement and equivalent). In case the translates was not made from its original language, the publisher shall state that clearly.
  4. The descriptions shall document shall be complete, accurate and true (jurisdiction, year and so on)
  5. In case of publishing an agreement or contract form (or equivalent), the description shall state the following at least: jurisdiction, subject of such agreement or contract, list of all articles, number of parties, number of words.

Publisher Revenue Share

There is no fees to create and host material on Aoraqi, and you can publish as many as free and paid material as you like.

Publisher revenue share overview

Please note these are revenue shares on the Net Amount, which is the amount a student paid less any applicable taxes or fees, such as fees imposed by Apple or Google for sales on iOS and Android.

In terms of all material published on Aoraqi, Publishers receive 51% of the revenue for any sales.

Should you face any difficulties, will be pleased to assist you. Contact us on

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